• 24th April
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Stamped. Sealed. Delivered.

After all the hard work, the invites (well the majority of them) have been sent out!  (Yes! I have a few stragglers!!! Apparently I didn’t order enough extra!  No worries, getting them rushed delivered didn’t put a major dent on the budget!)


Unfortunately I do not have the obligatory picture of me sending these babies off at the post office!  I wanted the invites sent out and didn’t want to wait for any of my girls schedules to clear up, plus some of them stayed up till 2am the night before just to get them all finished!  They had done way more then their fair share, so I went on my own to stamp 120+ invites and was definitely way too shy to ask someone to take a pic for me!  Nor did I want to attempt to take my own pic! Haha maybe if I had chosen a less busy time to go to the post office ;)

I do want to first and foremost thank all my loving girls (and to Rlan) who have spent countless hours gluing, cutting, printing, sticking, assembling, and stuffing all the invites!  You all have been great and I could NOT have done this in such a timely fashion if it weren’t for all of you (even if you only helped out for just a little bit!) :D

Just some quick notes that may have gone unmentioned in the invites…

*Chicken vs. Fish
For those of you who are looking for details on the chicken vs. fish :)

  • Slow Roasted Chicken Breast
    Boursin Whipped Potatoes, Haricot Vert, Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce
  • Mediterranean Branzini (Fish)
    Crisp Chive Risotto Cake, Marinated Artichokes, Shallot Confit, Roasted Red Peppers, Beurre Rougeimage

You can check out our food tasting review on my last post ;)

*Wedding Registries
For those of you who are wondering where we’re registered - please click the “Wedding Registries" link on the sidebar to the right —->
Yes maybe it’s a ploy to make you realize there’s a sidebar of quick links ;)  

*Request Music
Also you can see that you can Request Music for the wedding!  And don’t worry, I’ve already requested Todo, Todo, Todo!  You have until June 10th to request songs!

*Hotel Accommodations
For all my out of town guests, you can find a list of hotel accommodations - those close to the venue itself, and those that are close to our respective families — I’ll be updating the list soon!  

*Wedding Party App
For all of my guests who have smart phones and plan on taking pics of the event with your phones:
The pictures get sent directly to our Photo stream, so you can see all the pictures that everyone uploads :D  it’s free and easy!  So make sure to download the app! (iPhone | Android)

Ahhhh 52 more days!!! 
Can’t wait to see everyone soon :D 

(Now onto the continuation of my invitations post… :P )

If you remember from my last invitations post, we DIY-ed my invites for less then $2/invite to make!  Costco & Paper and More are my new best friends!  They made my elegant and classy invites so much more affordable!  Since they had RSVP enclosure cards already pre-cut, I just printed on those those for my RSVP and Reception cards to make the cutting easier!  So all that was left to print and cut were the Directions and Accommodations which I laid three per sheet :D  (I tried to be as efficient as I could be and I didn’t want to leave any space wasted!)

We initially wanted the natural cream pocket fold, but they were backordered.  And it so happened that the backup color was also backordered.  Luckily they still had a white metallic linen available!  It actually worked out better because it gave a good contrast against the natural cream- rather then everything being one color!  


I first saw these wrap-around labels at Minted, and thought they were really unique.   It wasn’t until I saw Mrs. Sword on the Wedding Bee that I fell in love with the idea! Especially since she incorporated her own little fairytale to the invite.  


I was then determined to incorporate my own version of God writing my love story ;)  Though at first I was just doing this for fun and it was just a side project… but dare I say, mission accomplished, all thanks to my Xyron sticker machine!


Though I wont lie - the wrap around labels became a reality when I accidentally misspelled the street name on most of the RSVP envelopes =/  (To my defense, I thought the squiggly red line was due to my name!  Plus I was super scared to lose the flow of getting the printer setting right for the RSVP envelopes that I just kept printing!)  Luckily the wrap-around labels became my saving grace for 90+ envelopes!  But I must say, I do love how they turned out! Just glad I was not dealing with the minor details that would probably freak me out and make me want to re-do everything! (Learning to let go of being nitpicky on details no one will really notice!)